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Every experience is unique and happens inside ‘Da Shed”.

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Newfoundlanders are unique…and like us, each Shed Experience is unique too.
For us time does not matter, it can stand still. So plan on 2 or 3 hours of fun in “Da Shed”. We want our guests to experience authentic rural life in Da Shed. We offer several experiences depending on your taste. Creating memories means understanding who we are, what keeps us so connected to each other and to our environment.

Experience Authentic Rural Life

”What a fantastic time, never knew making an Ugly Stick could be so much fun. Actually playing it was awesome!! Renee and Wanda are great musicians and boy can they play the Ugly Sticks!” John & Debbie

Nova Scotia

The Experience

Come and meet the locals, hear our stories, dance to our traditional music or play your UGLY STICK.

Maybe you will dance with your Ugly Stick because it’s really hard to sit still as you enjoy our local musicians.

As this is happening you will enjoy tasting some of our traditional food which may include, Cod Fish, Toutons, Crab, Fish Stew, Fish and Brews, Baked Beans, Blueberry Grunt, Fresh Bread, Raisin Buns, and Tea.

Music & Friends

Imagine dancing with locals to a square dance or a jig, inside an Authentic Newfoundland Outport Shed.

on the bacclieu trail

Da Shed is located on five acres of ocean front property which includes a rock garden with beautiful colourful rocks from the Baccalieu Trail.
The only distraction may be that at any time you’ll hear a shout, “There she blows” and you’ll run out to the edge of the ocean where if nature is in the mood, you’ll see whales breaching, or watch an Iceberg calving. It ’s always exciting to see Mother Nature in action, even for the locals!

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Each experience includes taste of three traditional foods, local musicians with the history of our music and local stories.

Imagine dancing with locals to a square dance or a jig, inside an Authentic Newfoundland Outport Shed.

Every experience is unique and happens inside Da Shed so weather does not matter.

  • Fiddle tunes,
  • Toutons & Stories
  • Fish Cakes
  • Crab & Traditional Tunes
  • Build your own Ugly Stick & then play it!

Cost: $125.00 per person, children free.

Special Shed Experiences can be arranged!
Price for transportation not included in Shed Experience.

What others are saying

Along Newfoundland’s East Coast, creativity lurks in every corner.
We were recently featured in The Star. Check out this article by Tim Johnson!
The Shed Experience was very impressive, not knowing what to expect we were pleasantly surprised. This is why we came to visit, meeting local people who happen to be great musicians, sampling delicious traditional foods, and local stories was an evening we will treasure”! And Sue was so friendly she made us feel at home in minutes! One of our favourite finds on the Avalon. We hope to return. Susie & Ralph


We enjoyed our night in Da Shed, All traditional, great music,
delicious munchies, fish cakes were super, and Steve was definitely entertaining! It was worth every penny. Thank you Sue, now I know Sean can dance. 

Sean & Bernie


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